Time is running

9 Juni, 2009


Ayers -Pancake- Rock!

now it is just a short notice for all of you to let you know that I will write more about my time here

in about a week or two as I have just a few days left here and I have to make sure that I live them here and not in the internet!

Hope you all can understand that!

Bloddy good Australia needs me! 😉

Yours Simeon


In Darwin I just spent a few days together with the German couple. Some sport games took place here and so everything was very full and expensive. More over it was simply to hot to enjoy this place a lot.

During our few days in Darwin we worked on a Crocodile farm as Volunteers. They looked for people to help moving Crocks and we expected it to be a part of the Animal Park where you can go for Crocodile coursing. When we arrived it all turned out in a totally different way. It was a professional Crock farm that jused backpackers to let them work 7 hours without any break in hot sun and what we did was carrying Crocks on tables so that they could measure them up and check them for skin damages. Than we put them in single Cages just a few centimeters bigger than the Crocks itself. They have to be in this cages for up to 6 month to have a perfect skin for expensive handbags! *disgusting* We simply should have gone much earlier but at least we had a experience to be Crocks as near as probably never again! This animals are so strong and powerful, it is unbelievable!

Crock hunter?

From Darwin Nadine, Johannes and I visited the Litchfield National Park where we saw sam very nice waterfalls and swimming pools. We also visited some huge Termite buildings. Than we drove to Katherine again from where I took a Greyhound bus to Alice Springs!

16 h of bus driving I found myself in the Center of Australia. Alice Springs looks like a industrial area in the middle of a scenery for a Indiana Jones move recording!

I spent a few days in Alice Springs trying to get a lift down to Adelaide visiting Ayers Rock, The Olgas and Kings Canion. During this time I visited some free Didgerido lessons which was great! I also had a very nice hick to the old Telegraph Station that was the first settlement here in the middle of nothing! The way back leads through the outback without any person and walking along there was a real adventure!

On my last evening here I did a Sunset Camel riding which was really cool! To enjoy the sunset of the desert always is great but on the back of a Camel it is even better!


Finally I was just on the way to book a tour I always tried to avoid to see Ayers Rock and Co when Albert called me! 15 minutes later I had my lift with this strange but nice Spanish guy!

2 Days later our trip started down to the south but more about that the next time!