Live on the edge sucks… JUMP!!!

13 Mai, 2009

Simi am Meer

Micha walked through the security @ the airport of Cairns and I was back in the old days and on my own! I spent a couple of days in Cairns and met Jule again! It was really good to enjoy our time together again and we had some great evenings in Cairns. We visited the Beach and for one evening I got two free tickets for a magic show in Cairns` Casino! Great show!

Cooking together and talking at the evenings made me not feeling lonely and it was a great time in Cairns.

I also had some really crazy things to do in Cairns! As you know I jumped out of a plain in 14 000 ft. This Skydive was really one of the most extreme things I have ever done in my lifetime!

But jumping out of a plain was not everything as there was still a bungee jump in front of me! And this again was really an extreme experience!

But before I actually did my Bungee jump I had a little swing through the rain forest called “Minji”. This ride is like a very big swing but just trough the rain forest! You got pulled up about 40 meters on the one side and than a green lights told you to pull the sting on your side that let you race down towards the ground and up again on the other side! A really funny thing!

Than the Bungee was on! When I walked up the jumping bridge I was as afraid of the high as never before, knowing that I will not walk down this steps again!

I chose a jump style that let’s you “touch” the water! When I was standing on the edge backwards I lied back while a instructor was holding me! Than he nearly dropped me a couple of times before I suddenly fall! WHAT THE FUCK! *Ahhhhhhh!!!!*


Once in a moment the world was gone and I was under water with my whole upper body. Just like in American gaols. Than the Bungee rope pulled me up again and that is the moment when you start realizing what is going on! And yes, my body started shaking as this would be the only thing bodies are made for!

When I finally lied down on the boat fishing me out of the air I started laughing! Yes it was strange! Yes it was freaky! Yes, I did it! And Yes it was great!

The street

Than I got a lift of Nadine & Johannes who also took Pauline with them from Cairns to Darwin! We were on the road for about 6 days and one day we visited a national park near Katherine and the world’s biggest classroom. School of air is the school for all this isolated kids all over Australia’s outback! Just a few hundred kilometers before we reached Katherine we saw a bush fire just next to the street on both sides! We were really worried and tried to call the emergency number but we had no reception. Later on we realized that nobody cares about such things and they just keep burning as it is in the middle of nowhere!

All in all it was a great journey with this tree very friendly backpackers and I was really happy that I was able to share a part of my trip with guys! Thank you mates!

Northern Territory


Eine Antwort to “Live on the edge sucks… JUMP!!!”

  1. kleinqli Says:

    Hi Großer,
    die allerliebsten Grüße von deinen 2 Weibern aus London. Das mit dem Bunjeejumping hört sich ja echt freaky an vorallem mit dem Eintauchen. Wie willst du dich da noch steigern (sich die Finger von Krokos abknabbern lassen zählt nicht!)???
    Liebste Grüße Tina und Anna

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