Fraser Island – K`Gary (Paradies)

8 Mai, 2009

4 Wheel Drive

For 3 days and 2 nights it was time for Micha and me to explorer world`s biggest sandisland! In a team of 11 backpackers we rented one big 4 Wheel Drive to drive on the ferry departing of Rainbow Beach. Even before we reached the land we saw our first Dingo (wild dog). We have not been on the island for more than half an hour when we found ourself bucked in the soft sand @ the beach! A friendly driver helped us to get out there! 3 days on such an awesome place is not much time and so we tried to use our time well! On our first day we went to Lake Mc Kenzie which is the most famous of the over 40 fresh water lakes on Fraser Island. I never saw water like that! Turquoise as you could not paint it better and clear as air. The center of the lake was dark blue as it was much deeper water! Even rain was not the smallest reason to stop smiling as much as rarely before! Our first night we spent camping at the beach just behind the first dune! At night Micha and I went to the water and made the sand gluing green. I heard that the sand will shine green if you write something in it @ night and it really worked! The next day it was all about passing mysterious rocks at the beach. Our company told us that there are rocks stopping us driving along the beach and so we would not see 2/3 of the island. We wanted to try everything to pass them and fortunately we could manage it! So we had some breathtaking views from the top of “Indian Head” from where we spot some dolphins!

Indian Head

Moreover we were able to observe turtles which was a moment Micha was not able to communicate anymore as he was too fascinated watching them. Later on we had a tickling bath in the “Champagne Pools”. Imagine you are swimming in champagne and all the little bubbles are tickling you. That`s how it felt like swimming there and that`s were they got their names from! The second night we spent on an Aboriginal Campside. This place is the only one you are allowed to have a campfire and while sitting there “Daniel” one Aboriginal fellow came to tell us about their culture and how to play the Didgeridoo. On our last day we visited a impressive ship wrack at the beach and a great lake that was next to a very big sand dune! On this dune I was able to sand board on a borrowed bodyboard. Than our plane was to visite one more lake but unfortunately we lost the way & finally ended up at the west coast of Fraser Island which usually is a reservation area tourists are not able to visit! This little secret place was again a proof of the beauty of Fraser Island and when we caught the very last ferry back to Rainbow beach we had an experience of a lifetime! Fraser is called “K`Gary” (paradise) by the Aboriginal people for a reason!!!

West coast


Eine Antwort to “Fraser Island – K`Gary (Paradies)”

  1. kleinqli Says:

    Das hört sich ja echt atemberaubend an!
    Wie hät ich da überlebt ohne Steckdose um meinen Kameraakku wieder aufzuladen????
    So wurde mein Trip nach Brighton nämlich heute auch spürbar verkürzt…
    Liebste Grüße Qli

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