Life is a beach! JUMP IT!!!

2 Mai, 2009


Do something that scares you every day, than you now you are still alive! There is a plane in the air. There are people on board of this plane. There is a world looking like a little map under your plane and there is a mysterious backpack. Once a day somebody very, very crazy just got the idea to take this mysterious backpack, open the plain and jump out of it! Why? I don`t fu*king now?!? Jumping out of a totally fine airplane in a high of 14000ft sounds like the last thing you would like to do and most of all for what reason are people doing this? I do not really have an answer but I did the same. On Thursday (30.4.09) I have been picked up by a bus driving me to the 160km from Cairns located “Mission Beach”. Here my mission started. After filling out all this paperwork telling you how stupid you are to jump out of a plane we had a last hour on the nice and save beach at Mission Beach. Here we were waiting for an other group to skydive and watching them was really cool. Every few hundred meters the plain lost one of them and than they came down. When all of them were landed save it was not much time left until I jumped in the bus that brought me to the airport. At the airport I met my Jump master “Des” who is in the business for about 20 years and already jumped more than 17000 Jumps. Than we had a 3 minutes beefing how to jump before it was time to lose the save ground under our feet. A last group picture in front of our skydive plain was made and than we started our journey in the air! I was not really excited jet and even when we already were on a high of 12 000 ft I still felt very tired. The breathtaking view of the little map called “earth” under us was just mind blowing. On the one hand we could see the mainland of Australia with rainforest and a really cool river and on the other hand there was this big, blue and endless ocean with just little islands full of rainforest and fare away we saw the beginning of the Great Barrier Reef! When the time came to open the door it started to be strange. And finally there was just one other jumper team in front of me before I was sitting on the edge of a open plain in about 14 000 ft over the nice and save ground of our earth! Sitting there, hanging down my legs out of the plain was the moment when I really started thinking “What the f*ck am I doing here?”. Than we jumped and out we were. Now all is over! Nothing we can do. In the first moment we were spinning around and than we got control. 60 seconds of free fall which are just mind blowing and extreme! You can feel you skin pulling back and all of it still feels unreal! All this little things under you do not look like the “big earth” and one of the most impressive things to me was a very simple thing everybody knows. The earth is round! I mean everybody knows this, but I never saw it that way! Than the parachute opened and we had a nice little break that slowed us down. So fare so good but than the most scary thing of all was just ahead of me. My jump master made my harness a little bit looser so that I slipped down a few centimeters. This crazy guy told me after that, that everything is all right and he did that! We didn`t he inform me about that before? Sailing down was a little bit more relaxed than falling and I did not really feel the descend anymore. Just when we flew turns it felt really strange like riding a very crazy roller coaster. The last few hundred meters were a very short distance as we suddenly were on the way to land! And well done Des, the landing was very, very soft and I just had to do 2 steps until we stopped at the wonderful beach of Mission Beach. I still felt my stomach two hours after landing on earth again! This was a very, very extreme and probably the most freaky thing I have ever done in my life!

Mission Complete!



Eine Antwort to “Life is a beach! JUMP IT!!!”

  1. sternschnuffy Says:

    hey du freak!!!
    fallschirmspringen – wie geil ist das denn?!
    ich beneide dich um diesen flug. ich hätte echt lust auch mal zu springen. keine ahnung, ob ich an der kante sitzend, kneifen würde ;-). leider ist ein fallschirmsprung in „good old germany“ soooo teuer 😦
    dann auch noch eine punkt-landung direkt am strand. naja, nimm so viel mit wie du kannst!!! obwohl der bungee-sprung nicht so meins gewesen wäre.
    big hug,

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