28 April, 2009

Liebe Grüße

On Thursday 9th of April Micha arrived in Brisbane and we got our Camper van. It was quite a long story to come out of the Camper depot as we had to ask for every single thing. They did not manage anything. So we ended up in a 2 seater van for a price of a 3 seater and later this day when we already were on our way we realized that our car has no registration sticker and so we are not sure to be insured for the very basic things. Also driving in the center of Brisbane with a unknown car and on the wrong side of the street was very stressful.

But we still had a nice evening on Brisbane’s South bank and were very lucky to find a good parking spot for our first night at the end of Brisbane.

Our next day was much more relaxed as we got used to the car and the driving. We visited the Sunshine Coast which was just reopened after cleaning up oil at the coast.


The next day we visited the world famous “Australia Zoo” created by the Crocodile hunter Steven Irwin. It was amazing to see all this animals having a very free life in this zoo. You could touch and feed Kangaroos and elephants and we watched a Crocodile and Bird-show. Dingos, Snakes, Wombats, Emus and Turtles are just a few of the animals we saw. But the most impressive thing to me were the permanent lazy Koalas! It is just amazing how they sit on the trees and sleep. Now I know where the sentences “Du hast einen Stock im Arsch” is from!

Stick in the ass

The next night spot was one of a few fantastic tips Jule gave us. We parked our Caper on a Carpark directly at the ocean and the Noosa National Park for the best place to sleep ever!

Hear the oceans waves is a good way to wake up and than we had a little hick at the National Park including some fantastic look outs and we also saw a wild Koala.

Than we made our way up to Rainbow Beach were we had to stay for one night to start our 3 Day 4Wheel Drive Safari to Fraser Island!

So the first part of our trip already was a great time with lots of great things we saw!

What happened on Fraser Island and why this Island is one of the most beautiful places on earth?

Find out the next time!

Look out


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