Little London!

27 April, 2009

Casion & BridgeAfter nearly 2 month of picking Tomatoes I went back to Brisbane for one week. On the one hand it was a step towards loneliness again, but on the other I met some great people in Brisbane. For example Klaus from Germany who is traveling all over the world and with him I went to Brisbane’s South Bank. That is the little Paradise in the City with a free public lagoon and city beach to swim in. We also met an Aussie on our way who joined us. This guy gave us the tip to come back at 8pm Monday night as there would be a free juggling club for everybody. So we did and it was a great thing to do. One guy juggled 7 balls and I used the opportunity to learn some new tricks. After that Klaus, Caroline (our Korean roommate) and I went to Brisbane’s Casino. While I tried my hardest to understand the rules of one of this thousands of gambling machines the other two played on them for 1$. Caroline, who already was a casino member, suddenly won 25$ in 1$ coins which caused a great winning sound!
But what makes Brisbane called “little London” by me? Brisbane as a river town with a big ferry wheel just reminds me to what I reckon London will look like! More over it was raining cats and dogs every single day!
I spent one day driving up and down the “Brisbane river” ~very creative name~ in a ferry, which was a nice thing to do because I was try inside the ferry! *g*
If it stopped raining for a few hours I mostly went to the city beach enjoying this little paradise and one day there was a German bakery in town and I just loved to eat my “Käselaugenstange”!
All in all I had a great time here but the time in front of me should be even better and so I graped my backpacks and walked out of Brisbane’s CBD to met Micha at the Car renting depot!


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