Stanthorpe – Tomatoe Paradise!

1 April, 2009


If one thing is to hard to believe than the fact that I am living at the Caravan Park “Country Style” in Stanthorpe, the coldest place Queensland`s, for nearly 2 month now.

Beside picking tomatoes there is nearly nothing to do without a car. My weekly shopping is based on hitch-hicking 12km in town most of the time and my day starts at 5 am when the first roommate gets up. He is as considerate as a rock concert in a old people`s home. Than I get a lift of two French colleagues to my farm where we start picking tomatoes at 6:30 am now. A couple of days ago we started half an hour earlier but not it is too cold and dark at this time. Yes, that`s right. To cold! Yes, here in Australia, Yes, even if I am in Queensland, Australias “sunshine state”. At morning you can not feel any sun but just the proof to be in Queensland`s coldest place on an altitude of 915m. But it just needs a few hours `till you will find yourself picking under the very hot sun. The highest days have been about 40°C and this for sure is not a nice temperature for 8 hours hard farmwork.

However, some days are more like “coldest place days!” and it big thunderstorms can start from one second to the other. Even big hail caught us the other day when we just had one single row left to pick.

But even if I work hard and there is nothing very exciting here in Stanthorpe I really enjoyed the time here. My very friendly farmers Traver, Tim and Jamie, the very nice colleagues and some friends at the Caravan Park made me having a great time here. I also enjoy the “permanent” home I have for the moment. The value of a place to stay the next night without organizing it every single day seems to be endless to me now! 😉

The most exciting things in Stanthorpe have been a Rodeo and this years semifinal in Cricket. At the Rodeo I could see real country boys and girls and their way of celebrating the countryside. Even if it was a little bit weird some times it still was a nice experience.

The funny part about the Cricket is, that the semifinal and the final was about the same teams playing against each other. *weird rules!* And one thing was for sure! Jamie and his team will win the great finale! And he did! Why I knew that? Hmm, that`s not to hard to know if Jamie(one of my farmers) and his team was playing against Jamie(my colleague) and his team! And, what a surprise, Jamie, who also became Cricketer of the Year, and his team won! 😉

But all things come to an end. Next Thursday I will leaf Stanthorpe and the Tomatoes behind me, heading to Brisbane. Here I will met Micha at the 9. of April, getting our Campervan we rented and drive up the coast to Cairns! Holidays, I am coming!

Tomatoe cut!


Eine Antwort to “Stanthorpe – Tomatoe Paradise!”

  1. kleinqli Says:

    Hi mein Kleiner,
    freut mich zu hörn das du deine „Tomatenzeit“ überlebt hast.
    Ich wünsch dir viel Spass bei deinem Urlaub mit Micha.
    Liebste Grüße, Qli

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