After the great surfing trip with my friends Pavel, Mugel and Jule Pavel went back to Sydney to work and we had some more holiday days in Byron Bay and went on to Surfers Paradise.

Here we enjoyed the endless beach of Australia`s little Miami, the Gold Coast! Beach as long as you can see and just a few meters behind countless skyscrapers.

Surfers Paradise

Mugel and I tried our new surfing skill at the place which is called “Surfers Paradise” and we had to learn that a name is a name but Crescent Head is the real Surfers Paradise!

Of course we didn`t miss to visit Australia`s onliest Hard Rock Cafe! in Surfers where Mugel at once flirted with the bartender.

One day we did a daytrip to Wet`n`Wild which is one of the world famous theme parks at Gold Coast! It was a nice day full of rides on different waterslides.

Than we sad Good Bye to Mugel who went back to Sydney and a few days later Jule went on to Brisbane while I tried to stay in Surfers to find work. One full week of hopeless job search I also went on to Brisbane. But I didn´t want to leaf Surfers without enjoying at least the very last evening and so I visited a attraction I was interested since I saw it the very first time. It is called “Infinity” and it´s the only one of it´s kind worldwide. You walk through dark rooms of different themes with lots of special effects. All walls are mirrors and so the little lights are like millions of stars around you and you really can feel infinity!

Without any pre-booked Hostel in Brisbane I was nearly in big troubles when it looked like every single Hostel was already booked out! So I was “lucky” to get a last bed in a 30man mixed dorm without aircon in the very last hostel! After that experience of a totally home- & working-less backpacker overloaded city I canceled the plane to look for work here and booked a bus to Stanthorpe the next day. The evening I spend with Jule at Brisbane`s city beach directly at the Brisbane River. Australia`s little London even has a ferry wheel. Anyway, who ever is coming here shouldn`t miss the paradise of the little public city beach at night! This, not 100% legal, midnight swimming was the very best I could do in 20 hours Brisbane. If any Paradise can be in a city center, this is it!

The next morning I went on to Stanthorpe, one of the very famous areas for fruit picking, and here I am living now!

Brisbane @ night