The summer of 69!

27 Februar, 2009

Mr. Hippie

After the great surf-trip our friend Pavel had to go home because his school and job were waiting. Markus, Jule and I went on to Byron Bay where nearly everybody of our little surf-team was staiing for at least two nights. I tell you what, Byron Bay is soooo cool! Probably one of the best places I ever have been at. This little town full of idealisitc Hippies and without any Mc Donald`s (nowbody is allowed to know that there are 2 subways) is special in nearly every way! Lot`s of old VW Vans made me dreaming to have my one one and all the happy Hippies on the streets just make you having a great time! Just to tell you about a few strange people I saw a rock band on the street in the middle of the night, a fire show performing Hippie on the beach at night, a drunken man with a guitar on a playground, nude Hippies running out of the ocean and dancing at the beach to music which just exists in their minds and wondering about the lights of cars, a Hippie practicing flip flops on the main street at night and nice drumming friends at the beach! The night is Byron`s day!

There are less places you can find that get a positive feedback of everybody you ask. Byron is one!

When we decided to stay here one more day we also booked a day tour to Australia´s most craziest town Nimbim! Even the name is crazy and that has a reason. Nimbim is the HIPPIEtown ever! You never can find a place more hippielike than Nimbim! Every single person, every shop, every thing you see, every coffee is a impression of the hippie lifestyle. All you can read is something about ending the prohibition, legalizing weed, or just relax and enjoy life.

Taking illegal drugs is as illegal as everywhere else and so Nimbim is a little bit like a goal without fences. Our bus driver explained us how to deal with the magic mushroom cookies and sweeties you can bye everywhere and to stop dealing as soon as somebody is crying “taxi”. Jim, our bus driver was really a hippie. He told us how they burned down the Byron Bay police station and how they saved a rain forest back at the 70s.

After Nimbim we also met another Hippie which came to Australia 1970, bought a big piece of land and started to grow his one rain forest. Now he is living in and from his one forest. This place is weird. I was totally impressed by the idea that the whole big forest is just 30 years old and this guy was telling about drugs as it would be the onliest thing in his life. Okay, it probably is the onliest thing in his life. For sure this was a day full of different impressions and a great experience.

PS: At one shop in Nimbim I saw a little drum which is now mine! I missed it so much *drumming*



3 Antworten to “The summer of 69!”

  1. Mama Says:

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zur neuen Trommel! Ich finde es gut, dass du sie dir gekauft hast. sicher kommt sie mit in den grünen Bulli mit Surfbrettaufsatz!
    Eine schöne Zeit wünsche ich dir!

  2. kleinqli Says:

    Hi Sam,
    ich muss grad mal wieder feststellen das du zwar die größeren Probleme von uns beiden im Ausland hast, aber dafür auch die krasseren Geschichten erlebst! Die Hippiorte hät ich ja auch zu gern gesehen.
    Na egal! Ich war auf jeden Fall auch fleißig bei meinen Blog. Have look and enjoy the pictures!
    So dann trommle den Ausis mach noch schön einen!
    Liebste Grüße Qli

  3. aunwin Says:

    Mama, die Idee gefällt mir!
    @Anna, jub, das stimmt wohl so, wie du es gesagt hast. Aber ich glaub, wenn ich nochmal weg würd, würd ich was mit fester bleibe suchen, denn das ist das aller stressigste, wenn man nie weiß, wo man am nächsten Tag schläft! Genieß es voll grad an einem Ort zu „wohnen“, au wenn ich jeden morgen um 5 zum Tomaten pflücken aufsteh!
    Wie gehts dir sonst so?

    glg Simi

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