Find your Mojo!

19 Februar, 2009


Here we go! 28th of January was the day I left Sydney the second time. Early the morning Pavel, Markus, Jule and I caught the Mojo-Surftrip-bus to come to Crescenthead our very first Surfspot! On the way Jule said that how she knows me I will catch the first wave at once while everybody else is sucking water, trying to surf.

<I don´t know if you can remember the moment at the last day of 2008 when we were waiting for the big Sydney Harbour New Years Eve Firework the whole day and Jule said that as she knows herself she will fall asleep 5 minutes to twelve. If you know the story, you may know that Jule hast been kicked out of the non alcoholic viewing area and at the end alcohol and the sun made her falling asleep 15 to twelve. This day I didn`t know that Jule seems to be able to project what will happen in future!>

At Crescent Head we put our bags in our 12 man dorms and everybody was fascinated by the nature all around the surfcamp. Except of the huts to sleep in, the toilets and showers and a hut for meals there was just nature and a campfire-place. All this was located 5 minutes walk to the beach and so it really is a surfers paradise. Than we all had our first theoretical surf-lesson before we graped our wetsuits and surfboards. At the beach we had a short try practice and finally we walked out at the ocean!

Belief me or not! Walking out against waves I turned my board, jumped on it, started paddleing and somehow I managed to stand on my board -^°^°^°—>^°^°^— Surfing along the way back to the beach again! I don`t know how to describe my feelings at this moment! It was awesome, unbelievable, unexpected, fantastic, windy, cool, relaxed, SURFING like!

Now I totally was motivated and caught a lot of other waves as well.

At the evening we got fantastic BBQ and I talked to Benny who was working for the Camp for free accommodation, meals and surfing. It was hard to fall asleep after that a great day!

The next day we had a great surfing lesson at the morning on another part of the lonely beach. The afternoon lesson was horrible! We have had a short lesson to learn bodyboarding in case you lost your board and have to catch it. This was good but after that we were surfing at a beach which was full of bluebottlefishs and if they stink you it is a fu**ing pain!! They got me 4 times and you have to keep in mind that I was wearing a wetsuite so that just my feet were unprotected. And even if you caught a wave it was no fun because your board was stucking at the shallow beach at once.

The evening we spend partying around the campfire and went to bed early to get up early the next morning before the sun! We went down to the beach for a wonderful morning sunrise surfing which was the best we had `till now! Surfing with the best waves and while the sunrise is in your back is one of the most impressive things I ever have done!

Than we jumped on the bus again to come to the second camp “Spot X” to keep on Surfing.

Reaching the camp was pretty unorganized and we all wanted to go back to Crescenthead because the Spot X camp was a big touristic surfcamp on a caravan park.

But after the first surfing lesson our opinion has changed and we were happy to have much better surf instructors who told us basic things like how to come out against the waves! This know how and the even better beach for surfing noobs made us all having much more fun while surfing and catching more waves.

So we had 5 fantastic days in a nice, small group of 14 surf noobs and this time was for sure a highlight during my time in Australia!

All I can say now is Thank You to all who helped me to pay this great trip and to all of you: !Take a board and walk out at the ocean to find your mojo and fell the wind in your hair!!

Come! Let`s go riding waves!

Big Hill


2 Antworten to “Find your Mojo!”

  1. Qli Says:

    Hi Sam,
    der Surfkurs hoert sich ja echt richtig super an. Und was lernen wir daraus??? Richtig der Bulli muss auch noch einen Aufsatz zum befoerdern von Surbrettern haben… 🙂
    Best Greez Anna

  2. aunwin Says:

    Hi Qli,

    jub bin ganz deiner Meinung! Eines Tages werde ich ihn fahren! Meinen Knallgrünen Hippiebulli mit Surfboard on deck!

    Greetz back

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