Back in Sydney

7 Februar, 2009

Darling Harbour @ night

As you know I have been back in Sydney since the last days of the old year to see the world famous new years eve firework at Sydney Harbour which was awesome!

The first time I was living in a flat Jule and a few other backpackers from the old hostel in Sydney have rented. All right! But unfortunately they kicked my out of the flat at the night before Jule, Mugel and I started our trip at the blue mountains. The reason for that is really crazy. They told me that Jule is so unhappy since I arrived and even when Jule told them that this is nothing about me they thought to know it better than Jule herself.

Anyway, Markus offered me the opportunity to stay with him at his flour. That is exactly what I did the next three weeks and it was cool. At the same time there was a new flatmate Pavel moving in. Together we enjoyed our time and one evening we decided to do a surf trip together.

On 26th of January 2009 “chinese new year” and “Australia day” were at the same day which means a big celebration all over the city! When the morning was not that good because I missed a few tings and others I wanted to see have not been performed and finally a big rain started, the evening was much better. At Darling Harbour we have been in front of the firework of Australia day and again it was a breathtaking firework. To my mind it was even better than the New Years Eve one. Anyway, at the evening it was not only watching the Aussis celebrating their Australia day but being a part of all the people living in Australia and you really could feel that you are welcome whoever you are and where ever you are from. You never would be able to imagine such a party in Germany. Finally Australia Day was a great day!

After 3 weeks of work at “Victorias Basement”, a shop with everything from tablecloth to dish and cutlery sets and any other things nobody needs, the time was on for our 5 day Surftrip from Sydney up the east coast to Byron Bay! Happy and ready to go!


Eine Antwort to “Back in Sydney”

  1. Lukas Says:

    hey simeon,

    sehr koole sache … ich wollte schon immer mal surfen gehn, weil ich glaube dass es einfach mordsspass macht, aber hat irgendwie noch nie geklappt … nya, hab jetzt ja mein abi und dann zivi, da werd ich viel zeit haben und vllt klappts dann.

    ich hoff dir gehts gut in down under und du kannst die zeit genießen, trotz allen strapazen und dingen die sich dir in den weg stellen …

    liebe grüße aus ulm

    p.s.: wir müssen uns unbedingt sehen wenn du zurück kommst … wie gesagt ich hab dann viel zeit =)

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