The Blue Mountains

6 Februar, 2009

Sunriise at the three sisters

This mountain-area close to Sydney was a thing I missed at my first time in Sydney and so Markus, Jule and I went there for 2 days in the first week of the new year.

Eyecatching sceneries and wonderful nature made us having a great time. The first day we went out of the train at “Wenthwood Falls” to have a first nice hick along this great waterfalls.

Very funny was the way Jule was carrying our watermelon on her shoulder. One highlight was a small waterfall I walked by and left the trail and suddenly I was in an area which really looked like behind a waterfall and nobody was there! Some more small waterfalls and the nice shallow river were not private for a long time after I have been their.

I also took showers in a few waterfalls we passed and enjoyed the great days!

On our way we saw a stone looking like a great table and there we celebrated eating our watermelon. Great fun!

Back at the train station we caught the train to Katoomba the biggest city in the mountains to come to our Hostel! After a small dinner we walked to the famous “Echo Point” from where you can have a great look at the rock formation “the 3 sisters” and we watched the sunset their.

Early the next morning we got up before the sun to come to “Echo Point” before the sunrise again to watch the 3 sisters during the sunrise.

After checking out of our hostel we had a nice breakfast in a local restaurant and then we caught the old London explorer bus to stop at different points for a few hiking trips. At the end of the day we took our train back to Sydney were I just graped my luggage out of the flat I have been kicked out the night before we started the trip and went to Mugel were I was living on the flour then for 3 weeks. Thanks for this help Mugel.


Eine Antwort to “The Blue Mountains”

  1. kleinqli Says:

    Hi Sam,
    das mit den Wasserfällen hört sich ja echt richtig geil an. Stell ich mir echt richtig lustig vor.
    Bin auch schon total gespannt wie dir das surfen gefallen hat, aber mach ganz chillig!
    Liebste Grüße

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