Improve your english 2!

20 Januar, 2009

To make you improving your english I have a good webside for you. By the way you are also supporting the UN world food programm with this project. Just have a gess which is a synonym for the given word and every right answer is 10 corns of rice worth. Free Rice

Have fun, Simeon!


Improve your english!

12 Januar, 2009

Hi there, I know the last days it is quite silent form my side, but I will write about the last days later! For now I have a great movie an YouTube for you to watch and to Improve your english! Have fun while watching.

Greetz Simeon

PS: By the way, now my movie form the final secunds of Sydneys big firework is online at flikr! Watch it here!


First of all: HAPPY NEW YEAR! to all of you, even if the biggest part of you is 10 hours after the time! *smile*

And also very important: No „Dinner for one!“ this year for me, because there was really nothing the same procedure as every year!

7:30 a.m. we got up to take a shower and pack our food, drinks, sunmilk and something to do while waiting. Than we walked to the trainstation, just stopping for more drinks on the way, catched a train to Martins Place and walked to the entrance to Mrs Maquarie Chair, the best viewingpoint at Sydney Harbour. They opened the gates at 10 a.m. which was 15 minutes after we reached the queue. Arround 11 a.m. I was the first of ous who was behinde tha gates and I started running to the end of the great peninsula to catch a good place to see the big fireworks. I decided to go inside of the “non alcohol viewing area (even if the others may will not be happy to stand there) and as a reward I cathed a place in the first row with a perfect view of the wold famous Sydney Opera and the Harbour Bridge. By the time some other people of our flat arrived and waiting was what we had to do for 10 h until the first familie-firework at 9 p.m. started.

A team of 3 biplanes wrote a big “8” at the sky and later the names of sponsors of the big firework. Everybody was tight to see the world famous firework with the topic “creation” at this year! Rhoda Roberts was the Creative Director of Sydneys 2008 New Year`s Eve. She also made this New Year`s Eve the greenest of all the 13 years firework in Sydney. 100% green energy, 80% rubbish recicling, adverstisement to use puplic transports and a environment-friendly firework is the start of economical thinking in Australia.

The limited area of Mrs Maquarie Chair closed as soon as 20,000 people have been their and the non alcohol viewing area was also limited. To bring Mugel and the other working flat mates also in the great area we switched the bands to pass the gate. This was a bad idea because in the end the security saw them and through all without a band outside of the area inclusive Juliane who was waiting all day long with me. She had a band for this area but because it was not totally fixed they took it and kicked her aswell. REALLY BAD LUCK! So they were able to trink alcohol but therefore they missed the most of the firework. After another 2 hours waiting the event started.

Than the first count down for the familiy firework begun with the voice of 1,5 million spectators expected at the harbour. The firework begun and went on for arround 8 minutes.

Followed by a boat parade with 55 ships designed with lights to simbolise the creation theme.

With the first firework the secret bridge effect at the bridge lights up and changed time by time and allways with a few seconds firework.

20 meters next to ous a chines guy asked his girlfriend to marry her and everybody around was making noises and the TV team starts to film them at once! What a crazy place for this question!

After 3 more ours of waiting everybody was happy to see the 5,000,000$ firework which was developed, plained and preperated during the last 16 month. 6000 hours of design, 5000 kg of Explosives and 100000 Pyrotechnics made this firework one more time one of the biggest worldwide. Shared through all watching people means less than 4$ for somebody how is there for approximaly 11 hours and you also have to think about the economic benefies Sydney has during this time of the year.

The last seconds of the old year started and again the Count Down was projected at the Pilons of the Harbour Bridge. Everybody was screeming 10, 9, 8, … 2, 1, 0! *gooooo* And than the words reach their borders. It was georgius, awesome, fantastic, breath taking, impressiv! Sydney Harbour firework! The biggest I ever saw! And my first row possition was worth to wait there for one day!

The firework was located at 5 different swimming points at the inner harbour, at the rooftops of the skyscraper of Sydneys Skyline and of course on top of the Harbour Bridge!

After the 15 minutes firework everybody was enthusiastic by the sawn firework and the next few hours it was impossible to drive a car in Sydney because all people filled the 4 line streets walking arround to celebrate the new year!

So that`s it and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Again!

All the best, yours Simi