Hey Guys

22 Oktober, 2008

The Didgeridoo man

The Didgeridoo man

Whats up to u all up in GERMANY? I am very fine, just sitting around on the flour of the AIFS Center to use the free Internet I have here every day for half an hour! I still stay at Sydney with Juliane and Anne and we met Mugel two times. He shows us the city and we go out to drink a hot chocolate at „The Rocks“ a part of Sydney! and we also went to „The GAFF“ the most popular backpackerbar in town!

We will look for some fruitpicking stuff in Victoria soon, so that we can stay there for 2-3 month to earn money to travel to the westcoast!

I hoe u all like my blog and post some comments from time to time!

Have fun in Germany and donw lose my out of your minds! I wount lose u out of my mind too! Yesterday I was looking to all your pictures from my party! It is good to know there are so many friends in Germany while being at the other side of the world!

C Ya yours Simeon


8 Antworten to “Hey Guys”

  1. Mama Says:

    Das ist ja toll, dass wir endlcih ein Foto als Lebenszeichen haben. Kam denn auch ein Ton heraus?
    Gehört dieses Instrument jetzt zu deinem Gepäck?

  2. Tito Says:

    Sieht ja echt putzig aus. Wirkst dagegen richitk klein.*knuff* What happens to the drummer???

  3. Qli Says:

    … und immer schön pusten *gg* Bist du denn auch owner dieses geilen Hutes geworden???

  4. Simi Says:

    hehe, nice to see that you still read the page. No the Didgeridou is not mine, how should I cary stuff like this. But yes, it is quite easy to make noise with this cool pice of wood! And I did it after 1 Minute? Maybe sooner!
    Sry Sweety, it is not that big! It just looks like. But I am big enough to say, I am bigger than you! *kiss*
    Hey my best new england girl! Yea, it is mine since the second day! And it looks like beeing the same one like Maiks! I bought it for 50$ and not for 59$ because of I talked to the woman of the store! Isn´t that cool?
    Hope to read from you!
    Yours Simeon

    PS: I got a first job yesterday! On monday evening I will leave Sydney to go to Nyah to make tree cutting work which also is counted as harvest works and with 3 month of work like this you can apply for a second working holiday visa in Australie! I will see, what I think about this job after the first days!

  5. Tito Says:

    sounds quite interessting, u really have to tell us how ur first day was. so what, im comfused, ur own the didgeridou even u cant carry it???? well, i know ur taller than me but who cares!!!*knutscher*Im gonna go dancing with ur family soon.(community dancing) hope to hear from u soon. big huge fat strong hug

  6. Mama Says:

    Hallo Simeon,
    ich muss dir doch mal schreiben und mein neues Foto schicken, das Melanie und Micha mir eingerichtet haben.
    Othello geht`s gut – mit neuem Geschirr..
    viel Spaß beim bäumeschneiden. Kutz-Opa wird stolz auf dich sein, wenn du dich beim Bäumeschneiden auskennst.
    Liebe Grüße

  7. Michaela Says:

    Hi Simi!!!!
    Unglaublich von dir zu lesen. Mareike hat mir den Link zugeschickt.
    Ich wünsch dir ganz viel Spaß und immer ein Lächeln auf den Lippen!!!

    Liebe Grüße aus deinem „2.Job-Büro“ 🙂

  8. Simi Says:

    hi ho,
    okay lets start with the didgeridoo, i do not own it because of i can`t carry it. I own the head but I will bye me a Didgeridoo at the end if I still have enough money!
    Great picture mom, you become a pc user more and more!ope u are fine at Tempus! I heard you changed the officerooms again! What happend to the wall next to you? Let me read from you again!
    Hope you all are fine!
    Yours Simi

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