You know the fact that you never will lose a boomerang

by trowing it away! It alswas comes back to you like I come back to the Boomeranghostel in Sydney. On monday morning at 10 a.m. I checkt out at this hostel, happy to start a bustrip to Nyha at the evening to come

to the new work on the Farm. We also called our new employer and than it turns out that there are a lot problems. At first we did not figure out the facts about tax in all and so we tought that it will be black work! After a lot of horrible hours it turns out, that all is legaly and fine and everything was a mistake! But at the same moment the fact that there is no work for us anymore shocked us. We called the employer to late and so she thought that we will not come to start the work and gives the work to other people! Than we had to look for our payed busticket which costs 50 Bugs! In the end we stood on Sydneys roads without job, without accomondation, without any idear what to do, just wich a bin of problems! We did not take the bus

and all in all we went back to the Boomeranghostel checking in for another week! I call it: „The boomerandeffekt!“ You allways come back to your place!
That is the situation I am in now! Hanging arround in Sydney, looking for a job, no idear where to go, but never the less I am happy again! Yesterday I was not, but today I will look forward to fiix this problems as soon as possible!

Now I am realy thinking about bying a 4 weel drive truck for travelling inside arround Australia! They cost (at the moment, just the last days before the season starts and the will be much more expensive) arround 8000 Bugs! So it is like 4500€ and if I would have a second half with me it would be possible to bye one of them and sell it after the year! But more important is, to find a job as soon as possible!

So I will look for jobs right now! Hope you all are fine and please do not panic about my situation! Maybe I woun`t answer all emals the next days, because of looking for a job needs a lot time! Do not be angry about that! Thx!

Yours Simeon


Hey Guys

22 Oktober, 2008

The Didgeridoo man

The Didgeridoo man

Whats up to u all up in GERMANY? I am very fine, just sitting around on the flour of the AIFS Center to use the free Internet I have here every day for half an hour! I still stay at Sydney with Juliane and Anne and we met Mugel two times. He shows us the city and we go out to drink a hot chocolate at „The Rocks“ a part of Sydney! and we also went to „The GAFF“ the most popular backpackerbar in town!

We will look for some fruitpicking stuff in Victoria soon, so that we can stay there for 2-3 month to earn money to travel to the westcoast!

I hoe u all like my blog and post some comments from time to time!

Have fun in Germany and donw lose my out of your minds! I wount lose u out of my mind too! Yesterday I was looking to all your pictures from my party! It is good to know there are so many friends in Germany while being at the other side of the world!

C Ya yours Simeon

Hi ho,

dacht ich lass mal von mir hören. Meine ersten 2 Nächte hier habe ich in einem absolut super zentralen und sehr sauberen und gut ausgestattetem Hostel direkt 2 Straßen von der Hauptstraße verbracht. Diese waren Teil meiner Buchung bei Travelworks. Hier seht ihr mal ein Bild von mir und Leuten, die ich kennen gelernt habe. Jule, mit der ich auch weiter gezogen bin sucht grad nach WLan und rechts sitzt Rouven, der jetzt eine Straße neben unserem neuen Hostel wohnt!

hmm, Bild kommt ncah, will grad nich, sorry!

Lasst von euch hören, Liebe Grüße Simi

Hey guys up-top there in good old germany,

I am very fine and it is great to be here!
Also Leute, weil ich noch genau 5:30 min Internet hab gehts jetzt nur ganz schnell und das wichtigste. Ich bin seit 1,5 Tagen hier in Sydney angekommen und hab nach einigen Schwierigkeiten mit der deutschen Orga mein Zimmer bezogen und bereits mit meinen neuen Freunden Juliane, Anne, Karina und Rouven eine tolle Truppe mit denen ich mich hier gut einleben kann/konnte. Wir sind gestern gleich Abends zu 3. los zur Habour Bridge und dann natuerlich gleich zum sydney Opera house, wo wir uns gleich Karten fuer ein Konzert gekauft haben. Heute hatten wir dan die Infoworkshops und haben Handynummer und Steuernummer besort! Genau hier sitz ich jetzt und nutz meine letzen Internetsekunden fuer euch! LAsst es euch allen gut gehen, sobal dich bessere Meldemoeglichkeiten habe kommt natuerlich mehr! Freu mich auf eure Kommentare!

Great smile on all your faces and have a cool time up over in germany Simi

Hey there in good old germany,

I am very lucky to be able to tell you that I feel very well here at the air port Seoul in Korea! It is impossible to read any signs here because of the language but never the less it is all good with me and my friends! At the moment I sit at a free internet lounge at the airport and use this moment to let u all know that i am very fine!

C Yan soon!

Power Stacken

13 Oktober, 2008

Bei Michas Geburtstagsparty in Leipzig hab ich s gelernt und es macht echt richtig Fun! Au wenn mir zum Weltrekord 6,22 Sekunden noch 13 Sekunden fehlen!

I want to show you the best video I ever have seen! Watch it until the end otherwise you will miss the whole video!